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Water Element

Water Element products support healthy kidneys and aging. 

Feeding instructions: Replace up to 1/3 of  your pet's regular meal with the supplement topper. Healing. Healthy. Simple.


Grass Fed Lamb

A rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals. Lamb is a warming protein which which supports the nervous system and  can promote muscle growth, making it particularly helpful for animals developing muscle weakness, and those recovering from debilitating surgery or disease.

Organic Barley

A high source of fiber and B vitamins, barley promotes healthy weight management, digestion,  and improved urination. Known to also reduce thirst, barley is an excellent source of nutrients for senior animals who exhibit symptoms such as increased water intake, persistent panting, and restlessness at night.

Organic Carrots

Exceptionally high in Vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, carrots provide powerful support for a number of the body’s systems, including bone health, digestive health, fluid regulation, and a healthy immune system.

Organic Reishi Mushrooms

With overall anti-inflammatory effects, reishi mushrooms are an excellent immune system booster and are particularly beneficial for fighting chronic infection. Reishi mushrooms may also protect the liver and reduce allergies. 

Organic Parsley

Rich in folic acid, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, parsley has antimicrobial properties and is a mild diuretic, which promotes good urinary tract health and can help with urinary incontinence. Parsley is also known to improve digestion, calm the stomach, and promote good kidney health.

Organic Kelp

Known as a superfood, kelp is a robust source of beneficial minerals and is particularly rich in chlorophyll, which promotes efficient mineral absorption by the body, making the benefits of kelp even more impactful. It can balance the endocrine system and is particularly helpful for older animals.

Organic Turmeric

With powerful anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, turmeric is effective in decreasing inflammation and pain throughout the body. Turmeric is especially helpful in treating inflammation caused by arthritis.

Organic Cinnamon

More than just a spice, cinnamon boasts antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon also has valuable properties for the digestive tract, including the ability to improve mild urinary incontinence and digestion.