Magical Rabbit Stew

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Magical Rabbit Stew

Promotes appetite and digestion, and helps the body rebuild after illnesses. Helps the liver clear out toxins and rebuilds damaged cells (digestive tract, liver cells).

Feeding instructions: Just put a healthy dose right on top of your pet's regular meal. Healing. Healthy. Simple.



Slightly cooling meat which is great for animals who are weaker, not eating well, or with chronic digestive issues. Supportive for the liver. Used to stimulate the appetite, rebuild after chronic illness.

Organic Barley

A high source of fiber and B vitamins, barley promotes healthy weight management, digestion,  and improved urination. Known to also reduce thirst, barley is an excellent source of nutrients for senior animals who exhibit symptoms such as increased water intake, persistent panting, and restlessness at night.

Organic Carrots

Exceptionally high in Vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, carrots provide powerful support for a number of the body’s systems, including bone health, digestive health, fluid regulation, and a healthy immune system.

Organic Dandelion Greens

Dandelion greens have powerful antioxidant effects and are an excellent source of chlorophyll, providing the nutrients necessary to heal damaged cells.