Bison Brownies

Bison Brownies

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Scrumptious and healthy, these holistically-inspired anytime treats are sure to be a hit! Each Essential Snack recipe has been formulated by a veterinarian and made with only the best ingredients. Available in 4 of the 5 elements (and bison!) to best support your companion's unique health needs.

Our Bison Brownies are packaged in a 3.5 ounce pouch.


USDA Grass Fed Bison

Blood and Qi tonic, helpful for rebuilding muscle, red blood cells, and supporting the immune system. Tonifying meat so wonderful for older animals, and can help strengthen the digestive tract.

Organic Oats

Rich in antioxidants and soluble fiber, oats are easily digestible and especially beneficial following the use of antibiotics to help balance the digestive tract. Oats also help to clear phlegm, maintain a healthy coat and skin.

Organic Eggs

Balanced protein, wonderful for tonifying Qi and yin. Because it is so balanced it helps all the five elements when eaten! Great supplement to food.