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Earth Element

Supports healthy digestion. Unexpected weight gain or weight loss, decreased appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and poor coat are often symptoms of digestive issues. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, introducing supplements from our Earth Element line into their daily diet may provide the digestive support they need.

Supplement Topper

High-quality ingredients lovingly combined into five healing recipes. Each proprietary recipe is formulated by a certified holistic veterinarian to best support your companion's health needs.

Feeding instructions:  Replace up to 1/3 of  your pet's regular meal with the supplement topper. Healing. Healthy. Simple.

Packaging: Five Element Food Therapy Supplement Toppers come in a 15 ounce recyclable glass jar.


USDA Chicken

Easily digestible and packed with a range of minerals and B vitamins, chicken is a lean warming protein, which helps the body repair itself. Chicken contains no fiber, making it gentler on the digestive system.

Organic Oats

Rich in antioxidants and soluble fiber, oats are easily digestible and especially beneficial following the use of antibiotics to help balance the digestive tract. Oats also help to clear phlegm, maintain a healthy coat and skin.

Organic Pumpkin

An excellent source of prebiotic fiber, nutrient-rich pumpkin aids in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, boosting immune health and encouraging digestive regularity. Pumpkin also has a high moisture content, providing hydration for a healthier system, coat, and skin.

Organic Dandelion Greens

Revered in traditional herbal medicine practices for their wide range of medicinal properties, dandelion greens have powerful antioxidant effects and are an excellent source of chlorophyll, providing the nutrients necessary to heal damaged cells.

Organic Ginger

Known for its ability to calm a rebellious stomach, ginger has been used for centuries to calm nausea and indigestion, increase the appetite, and generally aid digestion. Ginger also has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Organic Coriander

With the ability to promote digestion and gut health, antioxidant-rich coriander is known to stimulate the appetite and aids in the efficient digestion of nutrients.