Pumpkin Frozen Sheep Milk Yogurt

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Healing and delicious, our probiotic yogurts are formulated specifically for dogs and cats. The active bacteria found in probiotics are well known for improving digestive health, provide critical support to the immune system, and are high in calcium and protein. Feeding instructions: Thaw the yogurts for a creamy therapeutic treat or meal topper, or serve frozen for a chilly treat anytime.

Our Pumpkin Frozen Sheep Milk Yogurt comes in a pack of 4 - 1.25 ounce containers.


Grade A Sheep's Milk Yogurt

A naturally-occurring easily-digestible probiotic, sheep’s milk yoghurt is particularly helpful at reintroducing good bacteria to the digestive system following the use of antibiotics.

Organic Pumpkin

An excellent source of prebiotic fiber, nutrient-rich pumpkin aids in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, boosting immune health and encouraging digestive regularity. Pumpkin also has a high moisture content, providing hydration for a healthier system, coat, and skin.

Organic Raw Honey

Soothing to the lungs and stomach, raw honey can reduce cough and calm stomach ulcers. It is also believed that honey may help reduce seasonal allergies.

Organic Slippery Elm

A soothing herb, slippery elm calms lining of the stomach and intestines, aiding in a wide range of digestive problems.

Organic Chia Seeds

A wonderful source of protein and soluble fiber, chia seeds provide important prebiotic benefits and promote healthy weight management. Chia seeds also have powerful antioxidant effects and are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids.

Organic Coconut Oil

A great source of medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil also has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil may be beneficial for a variety of  health issues, including digestive issues, bad breath, infection, dry skin, and more.