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And proud of the recipes we've created and the food we make. We are solely committed to helping pets live longer, happier, healthier lives. "Love Them Longer" it's what we all want with our furry companions and what 5 Element Food Therapy hopes to support.

These pet parents seem to think we're doing pretty good...

Taco + Kim

She knows what's good

Taco LOVES her 5 Element Food Therapy fresh food supplements! She stands in front of the refrigerator to remind us that they’re in there before we put her bowl down. She is more energetic and all-around happier when she consistently gets her Fire Element formula!

K9 Dexter + Officer Armando

Working Hard for Working Dogs

K9 Dexter and I have been partners for approximately four years now. When I first got Dexter, he was 15 months old. At three years old, Dexter started having problems with both of his elbows. He would limp and appeared to be in pain at the end of the week. Our Vet informed us that Dexter had tendinitis in both elbows and recommended I lessen his work load. I met Sharon a few months later when she introduced the toppers and bison broth to us. Dexter has been using the topper and broth everyday since then. Dexter has not shown any signs of having problems with his elbows, he gets three workouts everyday and he loves the taste of the food. I want to personally thank Sharon for helping Dexter heal. She is a very caring person and routinely checks in on us to see if there is anything else we need.

Stella + Jori + Nancy

Healthy Weight Achieved

Zoe + Adrienne

Itchy No More

Spike + Melinda

Moving Along Nicely

Sliema dog

Sliema + Kristy

Go, Sliema, Go!

Buddy + Allison

Appetite. Check.

Deven + Christine

Hard to Say Who's Happier

Deio + Zen + Kim

Krazy Kats Kalm

Nala + Ruby

We Tried Everything

When Nala was 10 months old, she began having seizures. This was the scariest time of my life. No one had an answer or solution. Our lowest point was having to force-feed her spoonfuls of food. Mealtime was always what we dreaded every day. It was overly stressful and frustrating. It made me question my ability to be a dog owner! 

I have bought every bag of dog food from every pet store. I’ve tried online dog food subscriptions that ship out cooked food! We’ve tried a raw food diet. Every food you can think of, we have tried! Luckily, we have managed to find one specific bag of kibble that has kept her eating for the past year, but she still has episodes where she has no interest in it! 

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon 5 Element Food Therapy. I was definitely skeptical at first because of my lack of success in the past. I started out with the Supplement Toppers, and I couldn’t believe it! Nala licked the bowl clean after mixing in the Chicken Recipe with her kibble. Then, we tried Bone Broths, her favorite is the Bison one. We’ve expanded our options and have tried the Shakers which is an excellent treat to supplement your food. You just shake it on and serve! 

My girl, Nala, gets so excited at mealtime when she sees 5 Element Food Therapy items. Now, we have tried nearly EVERY option from this brand and everything has been “lip-smackingly delicious”, as Nala would say! I also LOVE that every ingredient in 5 Element Food Therapy is healthy, organic, and easy to pronounce. There’s NO preservatives, NO fillers, and NO nonsense. 

As someone who has been in the dog industry for many years, I know the truth of many commercial dog food brands on the market. I will proudly say, that 5 Element Food Therapy is the best option to feed your loved ones. 

In the past few months that we have been using this brand, Nala is healthier and happier. You can physically see that my pup is livelier, healthier, and absolutely gorgeous. Everyone always asks how I get her coat so beautiful, and I can attest that it’s from all the amazing ingredients in her food. Not only are the options delicious, but the recipes and ingredients have been carefully and thoroughly planned to provide the best of the best for your 4-legged family. 

Whether you have a picky eater or not, your dog’s health and happiness will thank you for choosing 5 Element Food Therapy.

Bandit + Ally

Bandit Got His Groove

5 Element food therapy is a game. changer. Holy grail. It has changed his moods immensely for the better I wish I could’ve found it sooner!!

I started him off with just the fire toppers and shaker and within one day I saw a HUGE difference in his confidence. He would actually not be glued to my side 24/7, exploring and smelling on his own, and he even got a little strut in his walk🕺🏽

Now, when the fire broth was just introduced I got it without thinking twice and let me tell you, the first night I gave him probably about a 1/4 cup as a snack after his dinner with the topper and shaker, a half hour later this boy was chasing his tail!!!!! Zoomies like I hadn’t seen him have in forever he was darting back and forth running around having the time of his life!

Even now I’m still catching him do stuff I haven’t seen since he was young like digging! (Not in the yard of coarse lol) Mind you is a very chill dog, but he has puppy energy- and mentality again!! He’s more confident, comfortable, obedient, and visibly happy and that makes me ecstatic and SO relieved🙏🏻 I can’t even remember the last time he has the shakes!! And on top of that it’s all holistic!! No drugs or additives! Just using healing, organic, naturally derived, super FOOD!! And I have NOBODY to thank besides Sharon and 5 Element Food Therapy ❤️

Thank you sooo much a billion times from me and Bandit :)

Also he looooves the yogurts too 😇


Happy Parents, Happy Babies

It’s so nice to have products where Sharon and her holistic vet take the time, care and passion into making and formulating products that not only benefit the animals but really make us, the parents happy to see such happy healthy babies!

So thank you once again, 5Element! I couldn’t be more happier knowing that Hank and Ziggy will be healthier and happy with his supplements! I would highly recommend to anyone who is trying to find a natural product that actually is LOVED by your babies and WORKS great!

Fix Them With Food

Cosmo the Wonder Dog + Julie

Sharon I want to thank you. If it weren’t for your suggestion of changing his food, we wouldn’t be enjoying our little love ~ our wonder dog ~ for as long as we have. Several month ago, we noticed that our puppy was not eating and losing weight. So, I called you, and you suggested we change his food. We switched his kibble and added your food topper, the delicious bone broths, and the frozen pumpkin yogurts. He loved them all! He started eating again with gusto, and we were hopeful that all would be well again in our world.

However, his vet ran several tests, and what we learned gave us heartbreak. On September 1, 2020, our wonder dog was diagnosed with stage five leukemia, the most aggressive level. We were told that his life expectancy would be between nine days and a few weeks. We did not expect this diagnosis at all, since he had always been active, feisty, independent, and extremely affectionate.

Well, it is now mid-November, and while we are blessed with his loving company, he is slowing down. We are extremely grateful that he is still with us. I am sure that his extra time is because of his change in diet. A new diet and lots of love....this recipe has been our success. We are blessed to know about this nutritious food that has added to his longevity. It has kept him strong, active, vital, engaged, and loving. Although he is in decline, we give him all our love and good yummies. We are enjoying every moment we have with him.

If and when we bring another pup into our family, we’ll only feed him the best of food, and we’ll always keep him on 5 element food therapy. I only wish we had known earlier how important nutrition is to our pets. My hope is that many more people learn of this nutritious food for their pets. I should share with you that a pet store in Berkeley highly recommended your broths. So naturally I picked some up. After all we can’t have enough and on the ready!

Seiko + Marie

[We sent Marie home with a sample of one of our Supplement Toppers}

He LOVED it.... he started to drool before we gave him the command to eat it.

Ziggy + Aly

Dry cat nails? SAY NO MORE!

5 Elements duck broth and bison broth does wonders to cat nails and even fur! My cat Ziggy has always suffered with dry nails, anytime I would cut his nails they would always chip or crack making it difficult for Ziggy to be comfortable having his nails trimmed (not to mention how picky he is with everything) Ziggy loves his broth for breakfast and dinner, it’s almost a miracle how fast he was okay to transition to his supplements, everytime he finished he would just lick his chops for more!

Thank you, 5Elements for caring about our fur babies for putting effort, love and passion to improve their overall health and happiness! I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

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