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We as pet parents have embraced the benefits of whole fresh food in our own diets and these benefits are also supportive to the health of our pets.

Whether you are feeding your pet - kibble, fresh, raw, 5 Element Food Therapy is the answer to nutritionally supercharging your pet's meal. Pour on our powerhouse Bone Broths, mix in any of our 7 different protein Whole Food Supplement Toppers and support their microbiome with our Prebiotic and Probiotic frozen yogurts.

At 5 Element Food Therapy, we believe the best approach to health is to feed our pets real whole food supplements. Our food is designed to be the most nutritious and wholesome part of your pet’s daily meal promoting a strong nutritional foundation. 5 Element Food Therapy’s products have been created with ancient wisdom which used whole food for good health and as medicine. Our mission is to promote real nutrition and genuine health by feeding our pet's food their bodies need - in so doing we hope to eliminate chronic disease dogs and cats.

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