5 Element Food Therapy

Supplements, Broths, Shakers,Treats, and Probiotics for ultimate pet health and harmony!

Zen Broth

Help your pet relax


For Dogs & Cats


Essential snacks for dogs & cats

Bone Broths

Liquid Multivitamins

lamb lovers treats

Treat your Pet

Essential snacks for dogs and cats

all flavors meal shakers

Meal shakers!

SPRINKLE ON TOP! Tastes great and good for them.

frozen probiotics

Pet Probiotics

Helps to reintroduce good bacteria. Lick your probiotics!


I can’t say enough positive things about 5 Element Food Therapy Toppers, Seasoning and Treats!!! My Great Dane Deven is prone to skin and digestive allergies, so I need to be really thoughtful about what I feed him. He has been eating 5EFT for over a year now, and not only is his skin and coat beautiful, he hasn’t had any digestive issues at all! He literally waits for me to add the 5EFT Meal Topper before he will start eating, and I can’t keep the Bison Brownies and Turkey Treats stocked. He absolutely loves them, and I also give them out as gifts to my pet parent friends (I have become very popular with their pups!). It’s so wonderful to have holistic food and treat options that Deven likes, are actually good for him, and that I don’t have to cook myself. I love that it’s fresh and made with real food – no guessing on the ingredients. Deven is really flourishing, and is one happy Great Dane!!

– Christine

Taco LOVES her 5 Element Food Therapy fresh food supplements! She stands in front of the refrigerator to remind us that they’re in there before we put her bowl down. She is more energetic and all-around happier when she consistently gets her Fire Element formula!

– Kim

Thank you for saving my cat, Zoe! After a year of having Zoe, we noticed she was losing her hair, was scabby and scratched relentlessly. We took her to the vet and found out she had allergies, but could not afford the tests to find out which type. For about a year she continued with the scratching. She had licked and chewed all of her hair off, except for a mohawk that she couldn’t reach. We started her on 5 Element Food Therapy supplements and there is no more biting, scratching, scabby, bare bottom, mohawk Zoe! Her hair is growing, she is happy, she plays, we can pick her up, touch her, and kiss her. It is a beautiful thing!

– Adrienne

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