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Our pets need very few things from us, Love - check, Exercise - check, Shelter - check (yes, your bed is shelter) and nourishing food. 5 Element Food Therapy was created to help pet parents seamlessly add wholesome, nutrient rich muscle building protein, joint lubricating fat and mineral rich organic vegetables to their pet's diet.

Feeding kibble? Fresh? Raw? Great! No need to change a thing, simply pour on our hydrating Bone Broths, mix in any of our 7 different protein Whole Food Toppers, and support their gut with our Probiotic Frozen Yogurts.

Learn more about the 5 Element Food Therapy » Our recipes are guided by ancient wisdom using whole food for wellness, created by a licensed holistic veterinarian and prepared in a human grade commercial kitchen.

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Delivered direct to your door. Add our whole food products to their regular meals and watch them wag, or purr. Either way, you're getting a thank you.

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Bundled combinations of our products that support your pet's unique health goals

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We believe in a more balanced approach to feeding our pets. Our whole food additions add moisture, fat and protein as the most nutritious and wholesome part of your pet’s daily meal.


To truly nourishing dogs and cats with healing food and eliminate chronic disease.

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Food is medicine.
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