Taco + Kim

Taco LOVES her 5 Element Food Therapy fresh food supplements! She stands in front of the refrigerator to remind us that they’re in there before we put her bowl down. She is more energetic and all-around happier when she consistently gets her Fire Element formula!

K9 Dexter + Officer Armando

K9 Dexter and I have been partners for approximately four years now. When I first got Dexter, he was 15 months old. At three years old, Dexter started having problems with both of his elbows. He would limp and appeared to be in pain at the end of the week. Our Vet informed us that Dexter had tendinitis in both elbows and recommended I lessen his work load. I met Sharon a few months later when she introduced the toppers and bison broth to us. Dexter has been using the topper and broth everyday since then. Dexter has not shown any signs of having problems with his elbows, he gets three workouts everyday and he loves the taste of the food. I want to personally thank Sharon for helping Dexter heal. She is a very caring person and routinely checks in on us to see if there is anything else we need.

Spike + Melinda

I have noticed that Spike is having better digestion. But since he’s been on the 5 Element Pet Food Therapy diet, a few weeks ago I started noticing that he jumps up on the bed more easily!!!

Sliema + Kristy

My dog Sliema is a very active pup and needs a high protein food that can keep her lean as well as give her the energy she needs. I feed her fresh food 5 Element toppers over her kibble every evening for dinner. As soon as I take the container out of the refrigerator, she sits next to her food bowl with much anticipation of her dinner. I have to mix it up so that she will eat it slowly. I have noticed that her stool is firmer and her coat is extra shiny. Her favorite treats are the Bison Brownies. Sliema has her AKC Novice Tricks ribbon and the Bison Brownies are the best high value treats that I use to teach her tricks!

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