Ancient Medicine Meets Modern Nutrition

We are transforming the lives of dogs and cats using ancient medicine, modern nutrition and the healing power of food. We're so glad you're here.

Food with Benefits

Feeding kibble? Fresh? Raw? Great! No need to change a thing, simply add in any of our products to your pet's regular meal to support their longevity and vitality.

Our recipes are guided by ancient wisdom using whole foods and medicinal herbs for wellness. Each recipe is formulated by a licensed holistic veterinarian. Our products are prepared in small batches with love in a human grade commercial kitchen.

  • Olivier

    "Before we found 5 Element's toppers, Olivier was not excited to eat. Since we started to add the variety of nutrients in his daily meals, meal time is his favorite time of the day. His coat is shiny, and his fur feels soft and wonderful. I am so grateful that home made healthy delicious food is available. I am a furever loyal client." -Ellen G.

  • Stella

    "It was summer of 2019 when we took our 4 year old rescue dog, Stella rose, for her annual check up. Our Vet had previously informed us that he felt Stella was getting over weight. This time our vet said it was very critical that Stella lose 6 pounds. We tried some different foods with no success. I finally reached out to Sharon at 5 Element Food Therapy for help. It was October 2019 and by June of 2020 Stella had lost the 6 pounds needed for her small body!!! Our vet was very happy and so is Stella! She has more energy and doesn’t sleep all day!!! Plus we know she is getting the proper nutrition now for a long and healthy life!!!" - Jori + Nancy

  • Zoe

    "Thank you for saving my cat, Zoe! After a year of having Zoe, we noticed she was losing her hair, was scabby and scratched relentlessly. We took her to the vet and found out she had allergies, but could not afford the tests to find out which type. For about a year she continued with the scratching. She had licked and chewed all of her hair off, except for a mohawk that she couldn’t reach. We started her on 5 Element Food Therapy supplements and there is no more biting, scratching, scabby, bare bottom, mohawk Zoe! Her hair is growing, she is happy, she plays, we can pick her up, pet kiss her. It is a beautiful thing!" - Adrienne