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After consulting with a veterinary oncologist, Sharon decided the effectiveness of chemotherapy was too uncertain to warrant the physical trauma it would cause for Hoochie, so Sharon reached out to Certified Holistic Vet Dr. Anne Reed to explore acupuncture as a way of making Hoochie more comfortable in her remaining days.

Dr. Reed’s treatment recommendations included a fresh food diet with an infusion of Chinese herbs, which Sharon unvaryingly added to Hoochie’s regular kibble diet. The initial 60 days turned into 90, and then 120. And yet Hoochie continued to be active and happy, thriving on her new fresh food and herb supplements. In the end, Sharon and Hoochie played, cuddled, and went for walks together for 9 full and amazing months from Hoochie’s diagnosis.

Inspired Supplements

Hoochie’s successful life extending treatment inspired Sharon to share the health benefits of fresh food with every pet and pet owner she knew. In 2016, Sharon returned to Dr. Reed to ask her to partner on a new endeavor - creating a line of pet food supplements based in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to help nourish the bodies of pets, companions, and best friends everywhere. And 5 Element Food Therapy was officially born.

5 Element Food Therapy is committed to providing nourishing dietary supplements containing proprietary blends of whole foods and herbs.

In memory of Hoochie