It has been our mission from the beginning to feed pets better so they live longer, happier lives. In fact, that’s true of most companies in the pet industry. The difference here is, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our products are consistent, of the highest quality and exceptionally packaged which is an expense many businesses our size rarely can sustain - and we have supported that model for an incredible 7 years.

Lately, that effort has become nearly impossible with the rise in costs for supplies and production coupled with the decrease in foot traffic and safety concerns at our retail location, and a decrease in online sales due to high shipping costs for our fresh and frozen products. It is also worth mentioning that retailers and distributors alike shy away from taking on fresh or frozen products due to limited storage space and expensive handling costs. It seems everyone faces the same obstacles.  

So what can be done? We so firmly believe that 5 Element Food Therapy has a place in this world, that we aren’t letting any of this keep us down. Like we said, we’re on a mission! Where many choose to cut costs by compromising quality and making a less-than product, we’ve chosen a different path forward.

As of today, we are no longer selling our fresh bone broth or frozen toppers as you know them. We are shifting focus to our shelf-stable Topper Kits and will continue to make our fabulous Treats. We’ve discussed every option at length with friends, neighbors, mentors and other brands like ours and have come to the conclusion that this is the only way to spread the magic of 5 Element Food Therapy out to the world. 

Of course, we would love to bring the fresh and frozen offerings back someday. If that ever becomes viable again, we absolutely will. We understand that 5 Element Food Therapy holds a substantial role in your pet’s routine and are absolutely happy to address any concerns or questions that this news may bring up for you. Please contact us, if needed.

We are optimistic about the future, and excited by the potential of this new topper iteration. We hope to continue serving your families. Looking ahead, we’re asking for your continued support in spreading the word about our amazing topper kits and treats. There is no us without you.  

To their health,

Sharon and the 5 Element Food Therapy Team